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Receive two fantastic easy-to-make and easy-to-drink coffees that don’t require scoresheets in the morning to put a smile on your and anyone else’s face.

These are going to be very pleasant yet interesting coffees with more emphasis on body and sweetness rather than fruity complexity. Low acidity, no bitterness, a lot of other good stuff. Great for anyone who likes a fantastic cup of coffee – seasoned specialty drinker or novice coffee fan.

Expect nuts, milk chocolate, stone fruit, dried fruit, strawberries, caramel, vanilla… that sort of thing.


2 x 250 g* of two of our favourite coffees, shipped every 2, 4 or 6 weeks or just once, depending on your preference. You can cancel, pause, resume or change your subscription at any time via your account.

These are more than just “100% arabica”. These are whole bean only, light roast, single origin, seasonal selection, traceable quality coffees that we carefully selected from our already carefully curated selection at sweet spot kaffee.

* sometimes we might pick a 100 or 150 g box of something extra special and sometimes it might be a little more or less from a roaster who measures their stuff in ounces and feet or whatever.

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