Bluebird Kolumbien anaerobic Inmaculada Sudan Rume Family Reserve


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Winey, red apple and blackberry 🫐

Inmaculada ist jedes Jahr unter den Top-Platzierungen bei Brewer’s Cup und Barista Championships auf aller Welt – sowas ist kein Zufall. Wir freuen uns, und sind auch ein bisschen stolz, diesen bang-for-buck Competition-Coffee von unseren Freunden Bluebird exklusiv anbieten zu können!

ORIGIN: Colombia
VARIETY: Sudan Rumé
REGION: Pichindé
PRODUCER: Inmaculada
ALTITUDE: 1700 – 2000 masl
PROCESSING: Anaerobic Natural


Dario connected with the team at Inmaculada while in the search for competition coffees for Fanie Botes’ Barista Competition bid for 2023. Inmaculada are famous for their world beating coffees used to win multiple WBC and WBrC titles over the past few years. We have two lots to feature on our menu and this is the second of the pair.

We have roasted this coffee to highlight its incredible sweetness while maintaining a high level of clarity. We are enjoying it for both filter and espresso!

This anaerobic natural was dried on the famous “Swivel Carousel” that facilitates very even drying by exposing the coffee to the various environmental temperatures inside the covered drying room at Inmaculada. The Sudan Rumé varietal is one of a more recently discovered lineage of arabica trees in South Sudan. We are very excited about the varietal and the producers.

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