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Nach einer eher schwachen Ernte im letzten Jahr kehrt dieses Jahr wieder einige Fruchtigkeit in den Akmel zurück! Wie eigentlich immer bei Coffee Collective haben wir uns entschieden, hier die Filterröstung für Espresso zu nehmen…

A round and deeply sweet coffee with an integrated acidity, and dried fruit character. Leaning only gently on its natural processing, expect aromas of nougat, plums and raisins.

VARIETIES: Ethiopian heirloom
ALTITUDE: 1,800-2,200 masl.
HARVEST CALENDAR: November-January
PROCESS: Natural


Akmel Nuri has been a long time partner of ours here at Coffee Collective. Initially contacting us through Instagram, we have worked with him every year since. Akmel’s naturals are “not so funky” although this harvest we witness a resurgence of the deep fruity tones and the clean profile that we have learnt to associate with Akmel’s work.

Once the cherries are picked, they are immediately sorted and dried on raised beds with the fruit flesh still intact. Drying coffee as a whole cherry initiates a fermentation process that drives fruit sugars into the coffee seed – translating into a sweeter, richer cup of coffee. The cherries are then transferred to Jimma, where they are de-husked and packed for shipping.

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