Companion Tea Sakura (40g)


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Producer: Kakegawa Agricultural Coop
Terroir: Shizuoka, Japan
Harvest period: Spring 2020
Tasting notes: melon, passionfruit
Dose: 1,5g/100ml
Brew temperature: 70°c
Brew time: 2 min.


This green tea is a Karigane, the name for high quality or Gyokuro processed Kukicha – Japanese stem and leaf tea that is shaded from the first budding of leaves until harvest to encourage the development of amino acids and flavour complexity. The Shizuoka growing region is renowned for its ability to produce some of Japan’s highest quality tea and our Sakura is testament to that reputation. This vibrant Karigane has a dry aroma of pineapple chunks, sweet citrus and candy.

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