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HEX aus Charlotte, NC (USA) ist ein neuer Röster für uns. In der ersten Runde finden sich drei extrem gut selektierte Lots aus Honduras, Ecuador und Äthiopien.

Röstdatum: 9.11.2021

Elderflower, Lime Zest, Watermelon

Region: Guji, Oromia Zone
Varieties: Dega, Kurume
Elevation: 1950 – 2250 MASL
Processing: Washed

Verfügbarkeit: Vorrätig

Von HEX:

Negusse Weldyes established SNAP Coffee over ten years ago to provide exporting opportunities as well as coffee washing and processing facilities for farmers across Gedeo, Guji, and West Arsi. Through SNAP, Negusse is able to provide opportunity and education for farmers who might not have the same access without. SNAP invests heavily in education for their outgrowing farmers through training in processing and cleaning methods.

Grown on semi-forested land, farmers in this area deliver cherries to Raro Boda, a vertically integrated wet mill that exports their coffees with Weldyes and SNAP. Negusse is one of the rare exporters who has taken advantage of the recent relaxation of the Ethiopia Commodities Exchange’s rules and is exporting small farmer lots directly, bypassing the commodity exchange. This supplies more transparency for coffees and a more equitable relationship with farmers.

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