KAWA Kolumbien Las Flores Yellow Bourbon Espresso


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A spicy Colombian Yellow Bourbon coffee with an intense aroma, medium body and notes of cardamom and honey.

Variety: Yellow Bourbon
Method: Semi-washed
Producer: Jhoan Vergara
Score: 88+
Altitude: +1750M
Harvest: AUTUMN 2021


Jhoan Vergara
Jhoan is the producer in the village of San Isidro, Huila. He works with his 5 brothers, each with their own batch of coffees, with varieties such as Borbon Amarillo, Castillo and Caturra. For this coffee, Don Jhoan, together with his ally Cesar, who is a teacher in Huila, developed a very special profile, which consisted of 36 hours of pre-fermentation of the cherries followed by 48 hours of pulping and sun drying.

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