La Cabra Brasilien Mococa


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La Cabra, einen der zu Recht großen Namen der weltweiten Specialty-Coffee-Szene, konnten wir vor einem Jahr in ihrer bildhübschen Rösterei in Kopenhagen besuchen.

Röstdatum: 13.12.2021

A lot created by several producers supported by FAF in the region of Mococa, with a focus on polyculture farming.

Producer: Mococa Farmers
Region: Mococa
Altitude: 1200 masl
Varietal: Yellow Bourbon
Process: Natural
Harvest: June 2021

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Von La Cabra:

This lot was created with support from well-known Brazilian producing group Fazenda Ambiental Fortaleza.


Fazenda Ambiental Fortaleza

This lot is created with the support of well known Brazilian producing group Fazenda Ambiental Fortaleza, or FAF. FAF take sustainability on their own farms very seriously, and this is no different when it comes to buying coffees from neighbouring farms. There are several criteria that these farms have to fulfil before they can be considered by FAF, with an overarching theme of working in harmony with nature to create the highest quality coffees. This has not been easy Brazil, well known for its rather high intensity agriculture industry. Sacrificing this efficiency in order to chase quality and environmental responsibility is seen as a compromise by a majority of agro-businesses here, but nevertheless FAF have convinced 50 producers to be part of this program, known as Bobolink.

Each producer that contributes to the lot has to fulfil several environmental criteria, including planting native shade trees and growing secondary crops to enrich their soils



These producers from across the region of Mococa all practice polyculture farming. They have either planted or preserved native shade trees, and also grow secondary crops, such as wheat, fruits or vegetables. Many these fix nitrogen into the soil, which benefits the coffee crop without using chemical additions. There is an overall aversion to chemical fertilisers and pesticides, and although they are used occasionally used in cases of severe disease or fungal infections in the coffee crop, this is miniscule in comparison to wider Brazilian coffee production. All of this together creates a wild and natural habitat for native wildlife, especially birds in the high shade trees. This also gives rise to the name of the project, the Portuguese name for the native ‘New World Blackbird’ which is seen across the region – Bobolink.

Sweet and clean chocolate and nut notes are joined by ripe soft blueberry and cherry.


Soft ripe fruit notes

Also unusually for Brazil, these farms all pick ripe cherries by hand instead of using mechanical stripping methods, and dry slowly and evenly on African raised beds instead of in full sun on patios. They are also at a high altitude in Brazilian terms, with many of the farms reaching 1400 masl, and grow only high quality Arabica varietals, with this lot in particular made up of 100% Yellow Bourbon. This leads to a clean natural Brazil profile, with sweet milk chocolate and hazelnut notes joined by soft ripe fruit notes more reminiscent of Central American coffees.

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