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Variety: Pacamara
Processing: Black honey
Altitude: 1500 m.a.s.l.
Harvested: March 2023
Taste notes: Juicy and sweet with notes of peach, milk chocolate and apricot


The Baraona family have been growing coffee at the top of the Tecapa Volcano since 1890 and throughout the years the name Baraona has become synonymous with quality and innovation. We first met Gilberto Baraona in 2014 when he invited us to his home for barbecue and a cupping in his family kitchen. Today it is Gilberto’s son Diego who runs the family farm Los Pirineos, following his father’s passing in 2020.
We met up with Diego in 2022 and had the opportunity to host him in Gothenburg and show him our roastery and share some coffee together. He is firmly set to continue his fathers great legacy, boasting over 15 separate Cup of Excellence awards and producing some of the best coffee in the world. Diego recently placed in the top five of the same competition, and with this lot of black honey processed Pacamara, we are certain that Los Pirineos and Diego is set to continue to produce some of the best coffees out of El Salvador.

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