NØMAD Kolumbien “kenya washed” Irma Tinoco Typica Espresso


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Ein super-frischer, floral-fruchtiger “kenya washed” Typica von unseren Freunden aus Barcelona.

Milk chocolate, Khaki, dried apricots

ALTITUDE: 1800 – 1950masl
Harvest: AUGUST 2023


This Typical lot from Finca San Luis is always characterized by its sweet and slightly tropical aromas. This year in a cup we like its notes of yellow and orange fruits such as persimmon, papaya and peach, and its silky and balanced body with sweeter notes of milk chocolate and dried apricots.

After two years of instability in the coffee market and the climate, Finca San Luis has seen its harvest decrease by up to 60%, and while prices were high it was able to compensate for the low production. By 2023 the drastic drop in prices has made the survival of the farm more critical than ever.

At Nomad we are very proud of the relationship we have had with Finca San Luis for several years. We have been able to personally visit the farm and we love to see the passion and humility of the work well done by producers Omar Arango and Irma Tinoco. They carry out great environmental conservation work on the farm – with the coffee plantations located in the shade of other trees they ensure that the coffees mature slowly and are thus more nutritious. In addition, there are many fungi in the soil that help improve its quality. And all this is reflected in the quality in the cup, giving intense and complex coffees, full of tropical, citrus and sweet notes.


Harvesting the cherries at their point of ripeness. A float process is carried out before the 24-hour anaerobic cherry fermentation process in GrainPro bags in the case of green. Then the coffee is pulped and gently washed in a coil for 18/20 hours.

Regarding drying, due to the weather, the drying process had to be transformed into a 100% gas-based mechanical drying. Excelso preparation 95% above 14 mesh. Humidity of 10.5% and water activity of 0.59.

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