OBADIAH Kolumbien anaerobic La Primavera Pink Bourbon


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A unique Pink Bourbon with a refined anaerobic washed process from Freddy: red berries & bright juicy acidity.

Produced by Freddy Correa
Region – Huila
Grown at 1800 masl
Varietal – Pink Bourbon
Harvest – January 2023
Process – Anaerobic Washed


Freddy Correa, who operates La Primavera in Bajo Encanto, has been experimenting with new processes and varieties since 2018. We selected this Pink Bourbon varietal for its refreshing profile.

Freddy has meticulously developed an anaerobic washed process specifically for this batch. The process involves 2 fermentation processes, one in cherry and one in mucilage. We were drawn to this lot for its bright acidity and red berry fruits.

Freddy Correa has put emphasis on adopting new varieties and experimenting with fermentation processes on La Primavera. The quality of this Pink Bourbon can be attributed to the collaboration between Forest coffee and Freddy in developing this specific process.

This lot was given a 24 hour pre-fermentation in cherry, followed by a 36 hour aerobic fermentation in mucilage. The harvest was then dried on raised beds under the Colombian sun for 15 days.

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