OBADIAH Osttimor Raimiutin


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Röstdatum: 18.07.2022

Rich, elegant stone fruits in this lot by Raimiutin village smallholders.

We’ve previously enjoyed coffees from the Raimutin smallholders and we’re excited to share this beautifully refined natural lot for the second year running.

We have worked with our sourcing partners from Raw Material to bring you this harvest. Over the years they have worked with local producers to develop innovative processing and drying practices. We hope you enjoy.

Produced by Raimiutin Village smallholders
Region – Ermera
Grown at 1700 – 1800 masl
Varietal – Hybrido de Timor & Typica
Harvest – September 2021
Process – Natural


Cherry from Raimutin is collected daily and processed at the Atsabe wet mill in Baboe Kraik. During the building of the Atsabe Community Wet Mill, it was important to consider the best practices that could be applied to the drying stages of coffee processing. Pulling on the collective knowledge of the producers and our sourcing partners at Raw Material, producers here were able to hybridise the drying beds.

A combination of raised African beds, bamboo sheet beds from Timor-Leste, and stackable smaller beds from Colombia ensured that the drying methods played on the strengths of many schools of thought at one station. Drying phase is 21 days on raised beds.

In Timor-Leste, Raw Material’s work is currently focussed namely in the municipality of Ermera. One of thirteen municipalities in the country, it is home to the largest coffee production volumes, whilst almost 60% of the municipality’s population live below the poverty line.

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