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Praline, orange, honey

Den haben wir letztes Jahr in Kopenhagen probiert und wollten wir direkt bestellen, waren aber schon zu spät. Daher hatten wir ihn für dieses Jahr auf dem Zettel und waren sofort am Start. 😉

Country: Mexico
Region: Mazatec, Oaxaca
Producer: Mazatec indigenous people
Variety: Typica, bourbon, mundo novo
Process: Fully washed
Altitude: 1200-1600masl


A favourite has returned! We are so excited to have Nindo Ndajé back for the third year in a row, produced in collaboration with Marchantia in Oaxaca, Mexico.

The result is very clean, smooth coffee with a texture of praline. Flavours of stone fruit, orange like acidity and very nice lingering floral aftertaste.

‘’Celebrate our love for coffee and ecosystem resilience’’ – It’s motto for Marchantia – a project established by David Akle Cantú whom you might remember from our collaboration with Buna in Mexico City.

David, as the biologist he is, spends most of the days on the trips wandering the coffee farms, touching the soil, the compost and the trees while speaking with, trying to understand and eventually educate the coffee farmers on nutrition, sunlight, metabolism, ways to prevent leaf rust, and restore biodiversity.

Marchantia works in a “natural” way, meaning no use of pesticides or artificial fertilizers. A well-managed compost and organised terraces, which keeps the natural nutrition in place, gets you a long way (the whole way).

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