Round Hill Äthiopien Kelloo Nensebo Riripa Espresso


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Round Hill (UK) ist eine der Urgrößen der UK-Specialty-Szene und neben hervorragenden Kaffees für ihr lautes, pinkes und blaues Branding bekannt. Wir freuen uns, sie endlich wieder im Regal zu haben!

Röstdatum: 30.09.2021

Black Tea, Stone Fruit, Rose Water

ORIGIN: Ethiopia
VARIETAL: Heirloom
ALTITUDE: 1900-2100 masl

Verfügbarkeit: Vorrätig

Von Round Hill: „Nensebo Riripa is particularly special as it is harvested in a largely unknown region of Ethiopia. The land is filled with densely shaded forest located at the base of the Bale Mountain on the north east side. This forest has an abundance of rainfall early in the season and showers towards harvest giving the cherries perfect growing conditions. Each farmer owns about two hectares and the average tree yields three kilos with 1800-2400 trees per hectare.

This coffee is certified organic coffee meaning only natural processes are used to fend off pests. Often, in higher altitudes such as this the local bats and birds do all the work but covering the trees is also used as an alternative for the producers to protect the cherries.

The cherry is harvested, sorted by hand and taken to be pulped where the skin and fruit are removed by a disc pulper. It is then washed and graded in channels by density then wet fermented for 72 hours. The drying process involves laying the coffee about two centimeters deep on African drying beds where it will dry for 14 days before finally being hand sorted.“

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