Round Hill Honduras Caballero


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Round Hill (UK) ist eine der Urgrößen der UK-Specialty-Szene und neben hervorragenden Kaffees für ihr lautes, pinkes und blaues Branding bekannt. Wir freuen uns, sie endlich wieder im Regal zu haben!

Röstdatum: 30.09.2021

Chocolate, Golden Syrup, Stone Fruit

ORIGIN: Honduras
FARM: Caballero
ALTITUDE: 1600 masl

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Von Round Hill: „Marysabel Caballero and her husband Moises Herrera own and manage 17 farms in the region of La Paz. Marysabel ́s father Don Fabio Caballero inherited large areas of land in and around Marcala from his father, who was one of the pioneers of coffee cultivation in Honduras. The reputation of the family is strong and their progressive approach towards farming and quality production has seen them become the most notable family to buy coffee from in Honduras.

The Caballeros are extremely committed to the environmental sustainability of their farms. A lot of their energy and focus goes towards improving the soil of their farms to ensure a healthy growing environment for their coffee trees. They produce organic fertilizer made from cow and chicken manure mixed with pulp from coffee cherries and other organic material.

We adore how rich the coffee is while being extremely complex and layered, with winey notes running through the cup. This year we will have four coffees from Marysabel and Moises this is lot #134 and we will be roasting this coffee for the next few months.“

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