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The majority of the Caballero’s farms are planted with the Catuaí cultivar which used to be the most commonly grown cultivar in their area. Expect a rich and chocolaty coffee with subtle flavours of dried fruits and nuts with a herbal finish.

FLAVOUR NOTES: Chocolate, dried fruits & roasted nuts
PRODUCER: Marysabel Caballero & Moises Herrera
COUNTRY: Honduras
REGION: Chinacla, La Paz
HARVEST: February 2022
CONTENTS: Whole Coffee Beans


Since we started buying coffees from Marysabel and Moises we have focused a lot on perfecting the process together in order to make their coffees taste clean, consistent and have a long shelf life.Two years ago, Moises started working a bit more on the fermentation stage when processing his Catuaí coffees. His wet mill is equipped with Penagos de-pulpers that have mechanical mucilage removers. This means that fermentation is not really necessary because most of the mucilage is removed from the beans mechanically, before they get dried. Still, Moises wanted to see if he could improve the quality slightly by letting the coffee ferment with the small amounts of mucilage still left on the coffee. The coffee is now fermented over night before washing and drying.

Since Moises started with the new protocol I have noticed more fruity flavours in their coffees and also the quality in the last years have greatly improved. The coffees are sweeter, have more concentration of flavour and the best lots have a delicious dried fruit, plum and red apple like flavour to them.

Although Marysabel and Moises produce a lot of the Catuaí cultivar, not all lots are produced the same way. Some are dried on patios and others in mechanical driers or on raised beds under shade. Over the years I have developed a protocol in cooperation with Moises and Marysabel on how to separate, process and especially dry and store the coffees. In the last 5-6 years they have been producing a lot of Catuaí coffees especially for us to choose from.

All the lots we buy are dried on raised beds in shade and are hand sorted and milled with extreme care and attention. It really makes a difference in the final cup. In fact Moises was the one who let me experiment with shade dried coffee in the first place and we found that the green coffee will stay fresh for a longer time and taste much cleaner than the patio or mechanically dried coffees they produce.

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